EduVirma is a Finnish company that operates in the area of education and entrepreneurship. With EduVirma you will find the key to your educational success by learning the principles of Finnish educational system.

EduVirma for international visitors will provide you with the information about Finnish educational system!
Guided group study visits ( 3-5 days ) to different kind of Finnish schools from
kinderkarten to upper secondary school
Ask the packages or tailor your whole program with your expert host
Daily life activities in different kind of schools with your participation
Lectures and workshops with experts
Discussions and meetings with teachers and students
Leisure activities with cultural experience

Experience :
- Teacher , career councelor , principal nearly 40 years in Finnish schools;
- An active developer of a Finnish school;
- Worked in many international networks as an specialist, trainer and instructor;
- Run his own business ( EduVirma ) for last three years by organizing study visits to Eastern Finland, Joensuu;
- Eternal educational explorer, who wants to learn new things and develop himself in international collaboration.
Benefits to work with EduVirma.
Working experience with different countries:

- 2019 last visitors from USA and Iran;
- 2020 visiting groups from Aruba, Caribbean Island, China, Iran, USA, Lithuania, Ukraine and in preparation Malaysia and some other countries.

Tailor-made visits
All the visits can be tailor-made and online prepared in advance according to a desired package.
Lectures and workshops by experts
You will gain knowledge and perspective on Finnish school system and the structure of it by lectures and workshops.
Excellent learning outcomes
Finland's education system is meant to be the best one in the world. In Finland we combine innovative approach to teaching and learning in order to gain the best learning outcomes.

Top quality teacher training
The success combines high-quality training, professional freedom, and trust. Teachers in Finland must hold a master's degree and pedagogical qualifications.
Innovative teaching methods and strong ICT sector
In Finland we have developed a strong ICT sector and a booming gaming industry. This helps us to create interesting conditions for developing digital learning solutions.
What you will learn about?
In every package you will gain knowledge in certain themes:
What is the secret behind Finnish learning results?
Teacher training in Finland
Finnish education curriculum
Student welfare with educational support: special educational needs, guidance concealing, student body and giftedness
The path of entrepreneurship education in Finnish comprehensive education
Functional learning environments in collaborative networks: ICT, robotics
Leadership in Finnish schools
Want to come to Joensuu and learn about educational system in Finland? Find out more by leaving your contacts below. Get the tailored program of your study trip to Finland.
It's possible to design your own package based on your needs and interests. You can choose themed study visit packages to proceed with. Contact us for more detailed information.
- Skype meetings
- Educational Videos and materials
- Online chat
- Personal consultancy
3.000 €
Trip to your country with presentation of Finnish Education system and its specifics.
- Skype meetings
- Access to Educational Videos and materials
- Personal consultancy
From 5.000 €
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